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Willy Brandt after the No Confidence Vote in the Bundestag (April 27, 1972)

The Democracy Deficit (June 5, 1989)

The Frankfurt National Assembly in St. Paul’s Church (c. 1848)

Delegates to the Pre-Parliament Process Toward St. Paul's Church on March 30, 1848 (c. 1848)

“A Touring Troupe”: Caricature of the Rump Parliament’s Move from Frankfurt to Stuttgart on May 30, 1849 (1849)

Solemn Funeral Service for the Murdered Parliamentarians of the Frankfurt National Assembly on September 21, 1848 (1848)

The Opening of the Prussian Chamber on January 14, 1861 (1861)

Interior of the Reichstag (1872)

Seating Plan of the Reichstag (1874)

A Session of the German Reichstag (1874)

Map: Elections to the Prussian House of Deputies (July 3, 1866)

Bismarck with Diplomatic Envoys of Germany’s Federal States (1889)

Alexander Friedrich Werner, Bismarck Leaving the Reichstag on February 6, 1888 (1892)

Anton von Werner, Prince Bismarck at the Bundesrat Desk, Giving a Speech (1888)

SPD Party Chairman Kurt Schumacher (October 8, 1950)

Parliamentary Debate about the Documentary Night and Fog (1956)