Here we see the station chief of the New Guinea Company, Julius/Guylas Winter, posing in an almost fatherly manner with four Guinean workers, in the colonial station Finschhafen. The men were most likely employed as planation workers. The Finschhafen station was on the east coast of Kaiser-Wilhelm-Land, the mainland portion of German New Guinea in the Pacific. After the German flag was first raised over Kaiser-Wilhelm-Land under the auspices of the German New Guinea Company, the station was founded in 1885 by the ethnographer and explorer Otto Finsch (1839–1917), closed due to a malaria epidemic in 1891, and reopened in 1901. At this location could also be found a branch office of the Neuendettelsau Mission Society (Neuendettelsauer Missionsgesellschaft), a post office, and a registry office [Standesamt].

Station Chief and Guinean Workers, German New Guinea (1887)


Source: The station chief of the New Guinea Company, Julius/Guylas Winter, with Guinean workers at the colonial station Finschhafen (Kaiser-Wilhelms-Land, New Guinea). Photograph (1887).
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