A variety of cultural artifacts from the Nazi era contain overtly antisemitic themes, though not all derived from official channels. “Juden Raus” was a children’s board game produced by a private firm, Günther & Company, in 1938 and distributed by the firm of Rudolf Fabricius at Bad Neusalza-Spremberg. The game’s visual features relied on antisemitic stereotypes and caricatures to depict Jews. The family of three Jews portrayed in the lower right corner includes a heavy set, well-dressed woman, suggesting wealth and gluttonous behavior, while her husband is a stocky, inelegant man, and all three family members have large noses. The grey cone shaped piece at the right—a token used to “collect” Jews from around town for expulsion—also shows a contorted face and large nose.  The winner of the game was the one whose Jews “scurried off” to Palestine.

“Jews Out!” Board Game (1938)


Source: Board game, 1938. Publisher: Günther & Co., Dresden. Image courtesy of the Leo Baeck Institute.