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Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service (April 7, 1933)

The Reich Citizenship Law (September 15, 1935) and the First Regulation to the Reich Citizenship Law (November 14, 1935)

Jews as Sexual Predators (1935)

American Consul Samuel Honaker’s Description of Antisemitic Persecution and of Kristallnacht and its Aftereffects in the Stuttgart Region (November 1938)

Raymond Geist’s Report to George Messersmith on the Interministerial Meeting at the Reich Aviation Ministry and the Nazi Regime’s Future Plans for the Jews (April 4, 1939)

Justifying the Law on the Changing of Family Names and First Names (November 6, 1937)

Lion Feuchtwanger, “Thou Shalt Dwell in Houses Thou Hast Not Builded” (March 20, 1935)

Excerpts from Hitler’s Speech before the first “Greater German Reichstag” (January 30, 1939)

Excerpt from a Training Guide by SS-Sturmbannführer Paul Zapp on the “Jewish Question” (end of 1940)

Postcards from the Children’s Transport (1938-1939)

Newspaper Article on Jewish Immigration to the United States (November 1937)

Women Protest against the Deportation of their Jewish Husbands (March 1943)

The American Jewish Committee Assesses the Situation of the Jews in Germany (March 1, 1935, and June 1, 1937)

Jews in Public Bathing Areas: Letter from the NSDAP in Hesse to the Lord Mayor of Frankfurt (July 27, 1938)

The Experience of Torture: Excerpts from Jean Améry, At the Mind’s Limits (Retrospective Account, 1966)

Reflections on Daily Life in a Police State (1939)

Diary Entries on the Nazi Terror in France (1941)

The Persecution of Jews in Romania: Excerpts from Mihail Sebastian’s Journal (1938–1944)

Stenographic Report for a Portion of the Interministerial Meeting at the Reich Aviation Ministry (November 12, 1938)

Regulation for the Elimination of the Jews from the Economic Life of Germany (November 12, 1938)

Decline in Jewish Businesses in Berlin by Sector (1933-1938)

Friedrich Weil, The End of a Wine Merchant’s Business (Retrospective Account)

Synod of the Protestant Church in Germany: “Statement on the Jewish Question” (April 27, 1950)

“Restitution for National Socialist Injustice”: Article by Oberregierungsrat Ernst Heller in Die Neue Zeitung (March 19, 1949)

Interview with Chancellor Konrad Adenauer on Compensation and Reparations (November 25, 1949)