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Social Democratic Student Association Flyer on the Death of Benno Ohnesorg (June 3, 1967)

The “Sit-In” as a Means for Reforming the University (June 22, 1966)

Fourteen Intellectuals Condemn the Dutschke Assassination Attempt (April 19, 1969)

Rudi Dutschke Demands the Expropriation of the Springer Press Empire (July 10, 1967)

Herbert Marcuse Denounces the Vietnam War (May 22, 1966)

Civic Movements between Peaceful Protest and Outbreaks of Violence (August 5, 1977)

Origins, Motives, and Structures of Citizens’ Initiatives (October 27, 1973)

Environmentalists Protest the Construction of a Nuclear Power Plant in Wyhl (1975)

The Anti-Nuclear “Free Republic of Wendland” (May 30, 1980)

Squatters Occupy a Berlin Apartment Building (1981)

Interview with an East German Environmental Initiative in Schwerin (1980)

Poem about the Chernobyl Catastrophe (May 23, 1986)

Abortion and Women’s Solidarity (1971)

The Krefeld Appeal (November 1980)

Leading GDR Writers Protest the Expatriation of Wolf Biermann (November 17, 1976)

A Western Observer on East German Passive Resistance (1982)

Protest by Dissidents at the Memorial March for Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (January 18, 1988)

An East German Rock ‘n’ Roll Riot at the Wall Turns Political (June 10, 1987)