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Prefabricated Concrete Buildings (1974)

Conclusion of the XI. SED Party Congress in the Palace of the Republic in East Berlin (April 21, 1986)

Helmut Schmidt and Erich Honecker at Schloss Hubertusstock on Lake Werbellin (December 11–13, 1981)

Güstrow during Helmut Schmidt’s Visit (December 13, 1981)

Erich Honecker Welcomes Helmut Schmidt at the Airport (December 11, 1981)

Signing the Final Act (Helsinki Accords) of the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) (August 1, 1975)

Erich Honecker and Richard von Weizsäcker in the Park of the Villa Hammerschmidt (September 7, 1987)

State Visit by Erich Honecker (September 7–11, 1987)

Honecker and Gorbachev Watch the Parade in Honor of the 40th Anniversary of the GDR (October 7, 1989)

Brezhnev Awards Honecker the Order of the October Revolution in St. Catherine Hall of the Kremlin (November 1, 1977)

East German Government Delegation Visits Cuba (1974)

Willi Stoph and Erich Honecker (May 1, 1984)

Erich Honecker and Walter Ulbricht (1968)

Walter Ulbricht and Leonid Brezhnev in Moscow (c. 1971)