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Disbarment: A Jewish Lawyer is Removed from the List of Lawyers Licensed to Practice at the District Court of Tilsit in East Prussia (June 9, 1933)

“Jews Not Wanted in Behringersdorf” (1933)

“First a German, then a Civil Servant” (July 31, 1933)

“For Aryans Only”: Official Inscription on Park Benches (1935)

Antisemitic Door Knocker (1937)

Joseph Goebbels Calls for a Boycott of Jewish Businesses (April 1, 1933)

SA Members in Front of the Tietz Department Store in Berlin (April 1, 1933)

Himmler Announces the Closure of a Jewish Shop in Munich—the Proprietor had been taken to Dachau (May/June 1933)

Receipt for a Sign Announcing “Aryan” Store Ownership (December 29, 1937)

Catalog Advertisement: “Kaufhof is an Aryan Business!” (1935)

Address Book for Doctors and Clinics with Notations for “Jews” (1937)

The Morning after the Night of Broken Glass [Kristallnacht] in Berlin (November 10, 1938)

Aryanization of a Jewish-Owned Business (c. 1938)

“Aryan” Germans at an Auction of Deported Jews’ Possessions (1942)

Institute for Sexual Research: “Un-German” and “Unnatural” Literature is Sorted Out (May 6–10, 1933)

Max Liebermann, Self-Portrait (1934)

The Eternal Jew, Film Poster (September 1940)

Nazi Propaganda Poster Exploiting Soviet Atrocities in Ukraine (1943)

Propaganda Poster from Occupied Poland: “Beware of Typhus. Avoid Jews” (1941)

Awarding of the German National Prize for Science and Art at the Nuremberg Opera House during the Nuremberg Rally (September 6, 1938)

Polish Jews Assemble in the Center of Nuremberg for Evacuation to the Polish Border (October 28, 1938)

Viennese Jews are Forced to Scour the Streets (March/April 1938)

“Jews Out!” Board Game (1938)

Nobel Prize Winners Walther Nernst, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Robert Millikan, and Max von Laue in Berlin (November 1, 1931)

“Albert Einstein: Authorial Fame Seems to be Relative!” Caricature of Einstein’s Political Activity, Kladderadatsch, No. 39 (September 1933)