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The Heidelberg Manifesto of Xenophobic Professors (March 4, 1982)

The Government Warns of a New Racial Arrogance (December 12, 1979)

Xenophobic Sentiment in the GDR (March 7, 1989)

Ida Pfeiffer, A Lady’s Second Journey Round the World (1855)

Ida Pfeiffer, A Woman’s Journey Round the World (1850)

Johann Christian Wallmann, Sorrows and Joys of Rhenish Missionaries (1856)

Walter Gross’s Radio Speech on Race to German Youth (October 10, 1934)

The Reich Citizenship Law (September 15, 1935) and the First Regulation to the Reich Citizenship Law (November 14, 1935)

Flyer with Rules for Protecting the Purity of the Race (c. 1935)

SS Marriage Order (December 31, 1931)

Himmler’s Secret Directive on the Care of All Legitimate and Illegitimate Children of “Good Blood” (October 28, 1939)

Himmler’s Response to Complaints about his “Procreation Decree” (January 30, 1940)

Martin Bormann’s Note on “Safeguarding the Future of the German People” (January 29, 1944)

W.E.B. Du Bois Reflects on his Time in Nazi Germany (1936)

Nazi and American Eugenicists (1937)

Paul Rohrbach on German Colonialism in Africa (1943)

Hitler’s Final Reflections on Race and International Relations (1945)

Heinrich Himmler, “The Fight against the Gypsy Nuisance” (December 14, 1938)

Johannes Stark, “Respect for Facts and Aptitude for Exact Observation Reside in the Nordic Race” (1934)

Hanns Löhr, “The Physician Must Come to Terms with the Irrational” (1935)

Wilhelm Stuckart and Hans Globke, “Civil Rights and the Natural Inequality of Man” (1936)

Biological Studies and Völkisch Education (1933)

“A Negro Soldier Experiences Germany” (May 28, 1949)

Newspaper Article about Children of African-American Members of the Allied Forces (1951)

The Academic Success of Mixed-race Children. Study by the Institute for Anthropology in the Sciences and Humanities (1956)