In the GDR the state directed and controlled all education. The goal was to shape “socialist personalities;” future career paths often were decided in grade school. While learning Russian was obligatory for all students in the GDR, a network of schools existed for gifted students, where they were trained in special skills such as the Russian language from an early age on [R-Schulen]. This photo shows Russian language instruction at a specialized high school for future Russian teachers at Wickersdorf, East Germany. Photo by Peter Liebers. 

Instruction of Future Russian Teachers in the GDR (1970)


Source: Original title: Gera district: Special high school for future Russian teachers—Russian lessons with the Soviet teacher Mikhail Nikolayevich Gornostarev are an advantage for the students of this special high school in Wickersdorf (Gera district), which prepares students to become Russian teachers. The guest lecturer and three Soviet teachers make sure that the students acquire comprehensive knowledge of the Russian language. 210 girls and boys from the southern districts [Bezirke] of the GDR attend this school until they graduate with the Abitur. Date: January 29, 1970. Photo: Peter Liebers. Signature: Bild 183-J0129-0025-001, Bundesarchiv.

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