An important focus of the generational rebellion of the late 1960s was education reform. A growing number of parents established anti-authoritarian kindergartens known as Kinderläden, which provided educational alternatives to traditional communal and church-based institutions. This image comes from Holger Rüdel’s 1970 photo series documenting daily life in a Kinderladen established by student-parents in the West German city of Kiel. The Kinderladen movement influenced subsequent reform efforts that led to a more open and democratic educational system in the Federal Republic. 

An Anti-authoritarian Kindergarten [Kinderladen] in Kiel (1970)


Source: A Kinderladen in Kiel. From the series “Anti-authoritarian kindergarten versus Protestant kindergarten 1970.” Date: 1970. Photo: Holger Rüdel. Available online at: https://holger-ruedel.de/kinderladen-revolution-der-erziehung

© Holger Rüdel