The poor West Berlin neighborhood of Kreuzberg was regarded as a “problem area.” Approximately 57% of all neighborhood buildings had been built before 1900, 50% of residences had no bathroom and almost 70% still had stove heating. Rents were cheap as a result, and Kreuzberg attracted population groups with low incomes, above all immigrants and unemployed youth. In order to provide better occupational prospects for neighborhood youth, the Berlin Senate created a “Kreuzberg Vocational Training Center.” This center afforded young people the opportunity to acquire vocational credentials while renovating neighborhood houses.

Young People Learning a Trade at the Kreuzberg Vocational Training Center (1980)


Source: Original caption: The “problem district” of Kreuzberg in Berlin (West). Unemployed youngsters renovate “their” house. Sozial-Report 5-80/Nr. 10. INP-Foto/Glaser.

Courtesy of the German Information Center