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Self-Characterization of Members of a Berlin Commune (October 7, 1968)

Young People Learning a Trade at the Kreuzberg Vocational Training Center (1980)

Squatters Occupy a Berlin Apartment Building (1981)

House Occupied by Squatters (1980)

Transit Routes to West Berlin (1972)

Willy Brandt, Governing Mayor of West Berlin, Appeals to the U.S. President (August 15, 1961)

Demonstration by West Berliners (August 16, 1961)

The Soviet Government’s Explanation of its Berlin Policy (December 24, 1962)

U.S. Government Declaration of Solidarity with West Berlin (June 26, 1963)

U.S. President John F. Kennedy Visits West Berlin (June 26, 1963)

Wall Neighborhood [Mauerkiez] (August 11, 1986)

The Berlin Wall at Heidelberger Strasse in the District of Neukölln (1981)

Children from Eleven Countries (1979)

Turkish Shops in the Kreuzberg District of West Berlin (1983)

Berlin Blockade: To Save Energy, Meals were Cooked in a “Cooking Chest” (1948)

Surviving Winter Shortages of Electricity and Heat (January 5, 1949)

“Made in Blockaded Berlin” (1949)

Refugees are Transported to West Germany from Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport (1953)

Flirting at the Wannsee (1947)

Film Festival in Berlin (1955)

An Outing to the Grunewald in a VW Beetle (1956)

Subsidized Housing (1952)

“A Twen Stroll through Berlin” (1960)

Out and About in Style (1950)

“Nihilism and Boogie Woogie at the ‘Badewanne’” (September 7, 1949)