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Population Distribution by Size of Locality: German Reich, Prussian Provinces, and Federal States (1871–1910)

Causes and Effects of Emigration from Germany (1870s–1880s)

Population Growth in Major Cities (1875–1910)

Population Density by Federal State and Prussian Province (1871–1910)

Occupational Breakdown of Germany’s Population (1882–1907)

Nominal Wages, Cost of Living, and Real Wages in Industry, Trade, and Transportation (1871–1913)

Net Domestic Product by Economic Sector (1870–1913)

Railway Construction (1850–1873)

Total Production of German Industry and Crafts (1873–1894)

Carl Friedrich Benz: A New Bicycle (1867)

A Journeyman Bookbinder (c. 1870)

The Economic and Social Significance of Gas Motors (1870s)

Changes in the Construction Industry (c. 1880)

Horse-Drawn Trolleys and Carriages in Berlin (1870)

Telephones and Electric Light (c. 1890)

Arno Holz, Naturalist Poet, on German Technological Progress (1885)

Werner von Siemens on the Use of New Telephone Models (October 10, 1877)

Werner von Siemens on Electric Trolleys in Berlin-Lichterfelde (May 12, 1881)

Urbanization of Village Life near Lübeck after 1870 (Retrospective Account, 1927)

Carl Büchsel, Protestant Pastor, Describes Rural Courtship and Marriage (1865)

Interior of Workers’ Homes in Hamburg and Karlsruhe (1891)

A Young Berlin Noblewoman Recalls a House Ball, Skating, and Bicycling (c. 1890)

A Young Noblewoman is Presented at Court (1882–83)

A Magdeburg Merchant Remembers a Royal Visit (1880)

The Hunt for Decorations and Titles (January 7, 1889)