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Daring More Democracy (October 28, 1969)

First Government Coalition Between Social Democrats and Liberals (1969)

The Day-to-Day Problems of Governing (September 19, 1972)

Changeover of Power in Bonn (October 21, 1969)

Willy Brandt’s Resignation (Retrospective Account, 2004)

Two States, One Nation (October 28, 1969)

Willy Brandt at a Window in Erfurt (March 19, 1970)

GDR Citizens Wave to Willy Brandt (March 19, 1970)

Brandt’s Visit to the GDR (March 23, 1970)

Protest Demonstration in Bonn against Brandt’s Ostpolitik (May 30, 1970)

Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph in Erfurt (March 19, 1970)

Demonstration at the Second Meeting between Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph (May 21, 1970)

Kneeling before the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial (December 7, 1970)

Willy Brandt Bids Farewell to Willi Stoph and Otto Winzer (May 21, 1970)

Vote of No Confidence (April 1972)

The Guillaume Affair (April/May 1974)

Willy Brandt after the No Confidence Vote in the Bundestag (April 27, 1972)

Willy Brandt with His Successor, Helmut Schmidt (May 16, 1974)

Willy Brandt, Governing Mayor of West Berlin, Appeals to the U.S. President (August 15, 1961)

Willy Brandt Watches the Construction of the Wall Near the Brandenburg Gate (August 13, 1961)

The Day of Denial (1961)

One Day in Berlin (1963)

U.S. President John F. Kennedy Visits West Berlin (June 26, 1963)

Kurt Georg Kiesinger and Willy Brandt (September 1969)

Willy Brandt in Jerusalem (June 1973)