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Adolph Menzel, Departure of King Wilhelm I for the Army on 31. July 1870 (1871)

Court Chaplain Adolf Stoecker (1880)

Kaiser Wilhelm I’s Royal Proclamation on Public Health Insurance (November 17, 1881)

The Battle of Königgrätz, July 3, 1866 (1866)

Paul Bürde, Homage to Kaiser Wilhelm I (1871)

Honorary Delegation of German Regiments at Versailles (January 18, 1871)

“Imperial Days” in Dresden: Kaiser Wilhelm I Visits a Provincial Capital (September 14, 1882)

Kaiser Wilhelm I Recuperates after a Second Attempt was Made on His Life (1878)

Bloodied Uniform Worn by Kaiser Wilhelm I

Kaiser Wilhelm I and Bismarck in Conversation (1887)

Royal Hunting Expedition (1887)

Anton von Werner, “Kaiser Wilhelm I on His Deathbed” (1888)

Kaiser Wilhelm I’s Last Official Signature (March 8, 1888)

Kaiser Wilhelm I’s Last Public Appearance (March 3, 1888)

Wilhelm I and Entourage at the Battle of Königgrätz on July 3, 1866 (Painting, 1872)

Austrian and Saxon Artillery on the Heights of Problus at the Battle of Königgrätz on July 3, 1866 (no date)

“His Holiness, Wilhelm the Butcher” (1870)

Troops Parade through the Brandenburg Gate (June 16, 1871)

European Royalty Meets in Homburg (1883)

First Assassination Attempt on Kaiser Wilhelm I (May 11, 1878)