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School Reform in the 1960s (Retrospective Account, 2011)

The Civil Right to Education in the Federal Republic (February 13, 1970)

Cultural Federalism on the Defensive (April 20–21, 1978)

Military Instruction and the Protestant Churches (June 14, 1978)

First-Graders at a School in East Berlin (1979)

Civics Lesson in East Berlin (1988)

A Teacher Administers a Beating (1842)

Instruction at the Village School (c. 1840)

The School (1823)

A School for the Higher Education of Daughters (c. 1860)

Turkish School Class (1969)

Children from Eleven Countries (1979)

Carl Conrad Julius Hertel, Young Germany at School (1874)

Fifth Grade Class in the Middle School in Wittenberge (1888)

Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Teaching School in Bornstedt (1898)

German Bishops at Fulda – Pastoral Letter by the Conference of Catholic Bishops (August 23, 1945)

Food being Served to Children at a Hamburg School (1946)

Comment by a Female Teacher after a Lecture by Kurt Hager on the Situation in Schools (October 1960)

Guidelines for School Policy for the German Democratic School (August 24, 1949)

Joint Appeal by the KPD and the SPD for Democratic School Reform (October 18, 1945)

“New Teachers for the New Schools” (1945)

Law on the Socialist Development of the School System in the German Democratic Republic (December 2, 1959)

Russian Language Class (1958)

OMGUS Survey on German Attitudes toward Corporal Punishment (no date)

Rebuilding the German Education System (1946)