In 1981, Artur Winter, the deputy director of “Exquisit,” a nationally-owned enterprise that produced and imported the high-quality textiles sold in stores of the same name, was appointed head of the department of fashion at the School of Art and Design at Berlin-Weißensee (East Berlin). After Winter’s appointment, the school placed new emphasis on meeting industry requirements. Each summer, the school hosted an open house, which included a fashion show with designs by fashion department students. Scarce resources forced students to make a virtue out of necessity, and most of them ended up modeling their own designs. This image was taken at a fashion show held at the school in July 1985.

Fashion Show at the Berlin/Weißensee Art Academy (1985)

  • Volker Döring


Source: Fashion show at a summer festival at the Berlin-Weißensee Art Academy, July 1985. Photo: Volker Döring.
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