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School Day in Production (March 1987)

Theoretical Instruction at the Education Center at AEG, West Berlin (1986)

Leipzig Spring Trade Fair (1965)

The “Silver Lake” (1990)

Beneficial Results of Protectionism (1848)

Italian Guest Workers (1962)

Italian Guest Workers in the Building Industry (1962)

Alfred Krupp’s Steel Works in Essen (1890)

The “People’s Car” on New Paths (January 29, 1948)

Revised Plan for Level of Industry in the Anglo-American Zones (August 29, 1947)

The Western Allies on the Desired Level of Industry in their Zones of Occupation (August 28, 1947)

The Volkswagen Factory in the City of Wolfsburg: Scrap Yard for Damaged VW-Beetles (1947)

Destroyed Factory Workshop at the Krupp Works in Essen (1947)

The Destroyed and Demolished Krupp Works in Essen (1947)

“30,000 People are Walking in Igelit Sandals” (1948)

Order Regarding Measures to Increase Labor Productivity and to Further Improve the Material Situation of the Workers and Salaried Employees in Industry and the Transportation Sector (1947)

On-Site Daycare at the Steelworks in Riesa (April 1951)

Straight from the Assembly Line: Model “P 70” in Berlin (c. 1956)

OMGUS Survey of German Opinions on the Socialization of Industry (November 1947)

Rebuilding the Economy in the American and British Occupation Zones (1948)

“Activist” Adolf Hennecke (1948)

The Headquarters of the American Forces in Germany in the Former I.G. Farben Building in Frankfurt am Main (1949)

Co-Determination Law [Mitbestimmungsgesetz] (May 21, 1951)

The Hattenheim Talks (January 1950)

The Right of Co-determination and the Right to Strike: Letter from Konrad Adenauer to Hans Böckler, Chairman of the Confederation of German Trade Unions, and Böckler’s Response (1950)