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Fashion Show at the Berlin/Weißensee Art Academy (1985)

Eduard Bendemann, The Mourning Jews in Exile (1832)

Fifth German Art Exhibition of the GDR (1962)

documenta Modernism (June–October 1964)

Joseph Beuys with Wolfgang Wiens and Claus Peymann (1969)

documenta IV in Kassel (1968)

The Architect Paul Ludwig Troost with Hitler and Gauleiter Adolf Wagner before a Model of the House of German Art (1933)

Extracts from the Manual of the Reich Chamber of Culture (1937)

Nazi Film Review: “The Audience is by No Means as Foolish” (August 26, 1934)

Hitler’s Speech at the Opening of the House of German Art in Munich (July 18, 1937)

First “Great German Art Exhibition”: “Works that are Setting the Direction of German Art” (July 18, 1937)

Storage Room in Niederschönhausen Castle for Confiscated Works of Degenerate Art, including Works by Pablo Picasso and Wilhelm Lehmbruck (1937)

Sculpture by Joseph Thorak on the Berlin Reich Sports Field (1937)

Second “Great German Art Exhibition”: View of the Galleries in the House of German Art (July 10, 1938)

Hitler and his Entourage view the Second “Great German Art Exhibition” (July 10, 1938)

Hitler’s Watercolor of Ruins (1919)

Working Maidens, Painting by Leopold Schmutzler (1940)

Wartime Art Theft: Hermann Göring’s Art Collection (1945)