In this scene, a Reichstag voter appears dismayed by the range of parties for which he might cast his ballot. His choice is made even more difficult by the volume of printed materials outlining the parties’ platforms, and the vehemence of their functionaries’ attempts to win his support as he enters the polling station. In this scene, party workers attempt to push a preprinted ballot in favor of their candidate into the “doubtful voter’s” hands while a policeman (left) looks on benignly.

Ferdinand Lindner, An Electoral Philistine (November 1881)

  • Ferdinand Lindner


Source: Ein Wahlphilister [An Electoral Philistine], original woodcut by Ferdinand Lindner, from Die Gartenlaube 19, no. 44 (November 1881), p. 737. Available online at HathiTrust: https://hdl.handle.net/2027/mdp.39015026110216