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Dual Alliance with Austria (October 7, 1879)

“We Germans Fear God and Nothing Else in the World!”: Bismarck Addresses the Reichstag (February 6, 1888)

The Ideology of the Officer Corps (1889)

Bismarck on “Pragmatic” Colonization (June 26, 1884)

Bourgeois Society and the Officer Corps (1883)

Ludwig Bamberger on Bismarck’s Martial Appearance in the Reichstag (1891)

Franz Rehbein, Farm Worker (c. 1890)

A Tailor in a Small Pomeranian Town (1870s)

Friedrich Fabri, Does Germany Need Colonies? (1879)

August Bebel’s Reichstag Speech against Colonial Policy in German East Africa (January 26, 1889)

August Bebel Accuses the Colonialist Carl Peters of Two Murders (1896)

Reactions to the Visit of Samson Dido, of Cameroon, to Germany (1886)

Society for German Colonization, Founding Manifesto (March 28, 1885)

Friedrich Kapp, National Liberal Reichstag Deputy, Speaks out against “Colonial Chauvinism” (October 22, 1880)

Carl Peters on Socialist Opposition to Colonial Policy (January 9 and 16, 1886)

Royal Patent of Patronage for Carl Peters’ Society for German Colonization (February 27, 1885)

Aims of the German Colonial Society (December 19, 1887)

Diary of Abraham Ulrikab: A Labrador Inuit Gives an Account of His Experiences in Europe (1880)

Diary of Johan Adrian Jacobsen: Labrador Inuits on Display (1880–81)

Rudolf Virchow, Report from the Special Meeting in the Zoological Gardens on November 7, 1880: “Eskimos from Labrador” (1880)

Berlin Women “Crazed” by Nubian Visitors (1878)

Criticism of the “Human Exhibition” in Berlin (October 21, 1880)