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The FRG and the GDR (1961)

Berlin (1961)

Traffic Near the Inner-German Border (1973–1989)

Transit Routes to West Berlin (1972)

EEC/EC (1956–1986)

The FRG and the GDR in Europe (1961)

Central Europe at the Height of Napoleonic Power (1812)

Central Europe (1815–1866)

Central Europe on the Eve of the French Revolution (1786)

Creation of the German Empire (1866–1871)

The Revolution of 1848–49

The German Empire (1871–1918)

Creation of the German Empire (1866–1871)

Germany: Territorial Expansion (1935-1939)

Administrative Structure under National Socialism (1941)

Book Burnings Across Germany (1933)

Concentration and Extermination Camps and Major “Euthanasia” Centers

Europe in April 1944

Europe at the Beginning of December 1941

Forced Laborers by National Origin (1944)

Jewish Victims of the Holocaust by Country, Sept. 1, 1939–⁠May 7, 1945

Estimated Fatalities During the Second World War by Country (1939-1945)

States of Occupied Germany [Länder] (1947)

Districts [Bezirke] of the German Democratic Republic (1952)

Germany after the Second World War (September 1, 1945)