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The International Vietnam Conference (1968)

Arrest of the RAF Leadership (1972)

The GSG 9 Frees Hostages in Mogadishu (October 18, 1977)

First Government Coalition Between Social Democrats and Liberals (1969)

The First Oil Crisis (October 28, 1973)

NATO Passes the Dual-Track Decision (December 12, 1979)

1 Million People Demonstrate against NATO’s Dual-Track Decision (October 22, 1983)

The Honecker Era (1971–1989)

40th Anniversary of the GDR (October 7, 1989)

The Day of Denial (1961)

Tunnel Escape from East to West Berlin (January 24, 1962)

One Day in Berlin (1963)

The American Demand to Tear Down the Wall (June 12, 1987)

The Verdict is Announced in the Eichmann Trial (1961)

Warning against Fraternization (1945)

Rebuilding Public Life in the British Occupation Zone (1946)

Report on the Nuremberg Trials (March 15, 1946)

Report on the First Belsen Trial (November 1945)

Denazification in the American Occupation Zone (1948)

Denazification in the British Occupation Zone (1946)

The Verdicts in the Krakow Auschwitz Trial (1948)

Rebuilding the Economy in the American and British Occupation Zones (1948)

U.S. Report on the Agreement to Unite the British and American Occupation Zones (1948)

Report on the Berlin Airlift (July 30, 1948)

Black Market in the American Occupation Zone (1948)