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The Frankfurt National Assembly in St. Paul’s Church (c. 1848)

Republicans in Baden Defend Freiburg against Southwest German Troops on April 24, 1848 (1848)

The Frankfurt National Assembly in St. Paul’s Church (c. 1848)

Delegates to the Pre-Parliament Process Toward St. Paul's Church on March 30, 1848 (c. 1848)

“Between Me and My People ...” (1848)

Carl von Rotteck (undated)

Barricade Fighting in Front of the Cölln Town Hall on Breite Strasse (in Berlin) on March 18–19, 1848 (1848)

Gustav von Struve Proclaims the German Republic in Lörrach on September 21, 1848 (1848)

Meeting of the Prussian National Assembly in the Singakademie (1848)

Leaders of the Republican Revolt in Baden (1848)

“A Touring Troupe”: Caricature of the Rump Parliament’s Move from Frankfurt to Stuttgart on May 30, 1849 (1849)

Members of the Frankfurt National Assembly: Club of the “Casino” (1849)

Lacquer Box with Portrait of Friedrich Hecker (c. 1850)

Solemn Funeral Service for the Murdered Parliamentarians of the Frankfurt National Assembly on September 21, 1848 (1848)

The Constitutional Committee of the Frankfurt National Assembly (1849)

Prisoners being Led across the Elbe Bridge in Dresden after the Suppression of the Uprising on May 9, 1849 (1849)

The Defense of the Nussdorf Line in Vienna under Robert Blum in October 1848 (1848)

The Crown of a German Kaiser is presented to Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1849)

“Hep-Hep Riot” in Frankfurt am Main (1819)

Adolf Menzel, Coronation of Wilhelm I in Königsberg in the Year 1861 (1861)

Meeting of German Princes in Frankfurt am Main (September 1,1863)

The Opening of the Prussian Chamber on January 14, 1861 (1861)

Moritz Daniel Oppenheim, The Return of the Volunteer from the Wars of Liberation to His Family Still Living in Accordance with Old Customs (1833–34)

Certificate Requesting the Payment of Protection Money for the Jew Abraham Goslar in Hanover (May 22, 1833)

“Citizenship Certificate” for a Jewish Resident of Berlin (1841)