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Portrait of Friedrich List (1839)

Progress and Regression (1844)

The Weavers’ Misery (c. 1850)

Steam Plow from 1858 (c. 1860)

Cobbler’s Workshop (c. 1850)

Bookbinder’s Workshop (c. 1850)

The Flags of the Guilds (1815)

View of the Römerberg with Church of Saint Nikolai in Frankfurt (1822)

Samuel Mohn, Glass Beaker with a Painting of the Grimma Gate in Leipzig (1815)

Ornamental Cup with View of the Kreuzberg Monument and a Panorama of Berlin (after 1824)

Bonn on the Rhine (c. 1827)

Peter Birmann, View from the Isteiner Klotz up the Rhine toward Basel (c. 1819)

Laying Pipe for Berlin’s First Gasworks (1826)

Loreley Rock at St. Goarshausen on the Rhine (19th Century)

A Rhineland Inn (1833)

Rectification of the Rhine near Ketsch by Gottfried Tulla (1833)

Night Watchmen in Berlin (c. 1840)

Borsig Plant and Foundry (1847)

Mainz: Market in Front of the Cathedral (1840)

The Old Berlin City Hall (1840)

Berlin Panorama (c. 1840)

Hamburg: Views of the Patriotic Society, the Baumhaus, the Old Bourse, and the Hamburg-Berlin Train Station (late 1840s)

Farmer and Girl from Tegernsee in Upper Bavaria (c. 1855)

Hamburg: Views of the Schweinemarkt, the New Bourse, the Jungfernstieg, and St. Michael’s Church (late 1840s)

Center of Leipzig (c. 1850)