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Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume 1 (1925)

Reich President Paul von Hindenburg Receives Newly Appointed Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler (January 30, 1933)

SA Stormtroopers Burn a Black, Red, and Gold Flag in the Streets of Berlin (January 30, 1933)

Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler with his Cabinet (January 30, 1933)

The Karl Liebknecht House, Party Headquarters of the German Communist Party (January 22, 1933)

The Reichstag Fire: View of the Burnt-Out Plenary Hall (February 28, 1933)

Adolf Hitler during a Radio Address (February 1, 1933)

Hitler and Hindenburg on the “The Day of Potsdam” (March 21, 1933)

Before the Reich Court in Leipzig: Defendant Marinus van der Lubbe with his Interpreter (September 24, 1933)

The Accused in the Reichstag Arson Trial (September 1, 1933)

1933 Election Campaign: Ballot for the Reichstag Election in the Hesse-Darmstadt District (March 5, 1933)

Otto Wels, SPD Chairman and Reichstag Deputy (1924)

1933 Election Campaign: Reich President Paul von Hindenburg Leaves the Polling Station (March 5, 1933)

View of the Kroll Opera House, where the Reichstag Convened after the Reichstag Fire (1938)

The So-Called Coordination: First Meeting of the Coordinated Hamburg Citizenry under SA Supervision (May 10, 1933)

Hotel Hanslbauer in Bad Wiessee: Scene of the Arrest of Ernst Röhm and his Followers (June 30, 1934)

SA Chief of Staff Ernst Röhm (1934)

The Völkischer Beobachter Justifies the Purge in Response to the “Röhm Putsch” (July 3, 1934)

Enabling Act Adopted: Front Page of the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (March 24, 1933)

Prussian Minister of Justice Hanns Kerrl Watches as the § Symbol (for German Legal Articles) is Hung from the Gallows (1934)

NSDAP Mass Rally at the Sportpalast in Berlin (August 15, 1935)

Hitler Youth on the Occasion of the Referendum for Adolf Hitler (August 19, 1934)

Extension of the “Enabling Act”: Hitler at the Lectern of the Kroll Opera in Berlin (January 30, 1937)

“Reich Party Congress of Freedom” (September 1, 1935)

An NSDAP Ordensburg, or Training School for the Party Elite, in Sonthofen, Allgäu (1939)