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Liberal Musings on the Character of the Generational Revolt (October 18, 1968)

GDR Justification of the Warsaw Pact Intervention in Prague (August 21, 1968)

Final Resolution of the International Vietnam Congress in West Berlin (February 18, 1968)

A Radical Rethinks Terrorist Violence after the Murder of Chief Federal Prosecutor Siegfried Buback (April 25, 1977)

A Terrorist Call to “Build up the Red Army” (June 5, 1970)

Fourteen Intellectuals Condemn the Dutschke Assassination Attempt (April 19, 1969)

The West German States Declare Radicals Unfit for Public Service (January 28, 1972)

A Participant Looks Back at the Unrest in East Germany in 1968 (Retrospective Account, 2003)

Daring More Democracy (October 28, 1969)

Erich Honecker on the “Unity of Economic and Social Policy” (June 15–19, 1971)

A New Platform for the Free Democrats (FDP) (October 25–27, 1971)

The Day-to-Day Problems of Governing (September 19, 1972)

1969: No Ordinary Change in Government (Retrospective Account, 2001)

Social Policy and Economic Planning (April 28, 1972)

Taking Stock of the Federal Government’s Social Policy (May 17, 1974)

Willy Brandt’s Resignation (Retrospective Account, 2004)

Expansion of the Social Welfare State (September 24, 1973)

The “New Poverty” in the Federal Republic (1976)

Social Welfare State Based on the Rule of Law (April 4, 1973)

The GDR at the End of the 1970s (August 10, 1979)

Ten Years of the SPD/FDP Coalition (October 19, 1979)

The Protestant Churches and Eastern Europe (October 15, 1965)

Two States, One Nation (October 28, 1969)

Change through Rapprochement (July 15, 1963)

Agreement on Border Crossing (December 17, 1963)