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Hans Kehrl Describes the Inefficient Management of the German Economy in the Fall of 1940 (Retrospective Account, 1973)

Employment of Women in Armament Factories (May 7, 1940)

Martin Bormann’s Circular of May 5, 1943, with a Memorandum on the Treatment of Foreign Laborers (April 15, 1943)

Fritz Sauckel’s Labor Mobilization Program (April 20, 1942)

SD Report about Consumer Goods Shortages (March 18, 1940)

Indices of Cost of Living and of Workers’ Wages (1913/14-1943)

Female Survival in Berlin in April 1945 (Retrospective Account, 1950s)

Directive to the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Occupation Forces (JCS 1067) (April 1945)

Protocol on Zones of Occupation and the Administration of “Greater Berlin” (September 12, 1944)

Report of the Yalta (Crimea) Conference (February 4-11, 1945)

Excerpts from the Protocol of the Proceedings of the Yalta (Crimea) Conference (February 11, 1945)

The Establishment of the Allied Control Council (June 5, 1945)

Excerpts from the Report on the Potsdam Conference (Potsdam Agreement) (August 2, 1945)

Stuttgart Speech (“Speech of Hope”) by James F. Byrnes, United States Secretary of State (September 6, 1946)

The Allied Governments on the Zones of Occupation and the Administration of “Greater Berlin” (July 26, 1945)

The Reparations Settlement and Germany’s Peacetime Economy: Statement by the U.S. State Department (Press Release of December 12, 1945)

Agreement between the Governments of the United Kingdom and the United States on the Economic Fusion of their Respective Zones (December 2, 1946)

Speech by General Lucius D. Clay at the First Meeting of the Minister Presidents in Stuttgart (October 17, 1945)

U.S. Military Governor Joseph McNarney’s Statement to the Allied Control Council (July 20, 1946)

The “People’s Car” on New Paths (January 29, 1948)

Revised Plan for Level of Industry in the Anglo-American Zones (August 29, 1947)

The Western Allies on the Desired Level of Industry in their Zones of Occupation (August 28, 1947)

U.S. Delegation Minutes of the Meeting between the Western Military Governors and the German Minister Presidents regarding the German Reply to the London Documents (July 26, 1948)

Otto A. Friedrich, “The Social Imperative” (1958)

The “Koblenz Decisions” of the West German Minister Presidents (July 10, 1948)