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Joseph von Hammer, History of the Ottoman Empire, Volume 9 (1833)

Julius Fröbel, Letters from Exile (1849–1857)

Anna Maria Schano (née Klinger), Barbara Klinger, and Franz Schano, Letters from the United States (1850–53)

Speech by Friedrich Gottlieb Schulz on the Question of German Overseas Emigration, from the Frankfurt Constituent National Assembly (1849)

Jakob Philipp Fallmerayer, Fragments from the Orient (1845)

Wilhelmina Krumme (née Stille) and Wilhelm Krumme: Letters from America (1837–1842)

Ida Pfeiffer, A Lady’s Second Journey Round the World (1855)

Ida Pfeiffer, A Woman’s Journey Round the World (1850)

Ludwig von Rohden on German Missionaries in Borneo and Southwestern Africa: Excerpts from History of the Rhenish Missionary Society (1857)

Johann Christian Wallmann, Sorrows and Joys of Rhenish Missionaries (1856)

Excerpts from the Monthly Bulletin of the North German Missionary Society: Report on the Society’s Missions in the East Indies and New Zealand (1842)

A Neutral’s Description of the Building of the Wall (August 14, 1961)

Report on One of the First Deaths at the Zonal Border (August 30, 1961)

The June 17th Holiday (June 11, 1963)

GDR Order to Fire on Would-be Escapees (c. 1962)

Package from the West [Westpaket] (March 22, 1970)

The American Demand to Tear Down the Wall (June 12, 1987)

Wall Art (1990)

A New Chapter in Economic Policy (March 21, 1962)

Franco-German Friendship (1963)

The End of Postwar History? (October 18, 1963)

In Support of the Emergency Laws (May 15–16, 1968)

Love for the Socialist Fatherland (October 19, 1968)

The FDP is Courted and Weighs its Options (September 30, 1969)

Socialist Fraternal Aid and the Downfall of Ulbricht (January 21, 1971)