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Hamburg: View of the City as Seen from the Alster (c. 1850)

Royal Iron Foundry near Gleiwitz (c. 1850)

Processing Mercury and Silver (c. 1845)

Farmer from Mühlenbach and Woman from Black Forest (c. 1860)

One of the First Advertising Columns Designed by Ernst Litfaß in Berlin (c. 1860)

Casting at the Aloishütte Smelting Works (1856)

Lübeck (19th Century)

Coastal Fortification along the North Sea (1862)

Berlin People’s Kitchen (1860s)

Reading Stand with Genre Scene (1820–50)

Gottlob Samuel Mohn, Glass Tumbler featuring a Painting of a Circassian with Orientalizing Architecture (1816)

Hoechst Dye Works (1863)

Family during the Biedermeier Period (c. 1830)

Evening Prayer (1823)

The Children’s Room (1823)

The Sewing Room (1823)

Biedermeier Child’s Doll (c. 1830–35)

Orphaned Girls and Boys in a Welfare Institution (1846)

Rural Family Scene (1839)

“Modern Dress” (1862)

Portrait of Louise Otto (1892)

Caricature: Female University Student (1847)

Caricature: Women’s Club Meeting (1848)

Eduard Bendemann, The Mourning Jews in Exile (1832)

The Alte Synagogue in Dresden by Architect Gottfried Semper (1840). Lithograph by Ludwig Thümling (1850)