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“Model Factory” with the German Labor Front Slogan on the Facade (1937/38)

Aryanization of a Jewish-Owned Business (c. 1938)

Poster Advertising the KdF-Car (1939)

Christmas Celebration at Mercedes-Benz, with German Labor Front Bulletin Board (1938)

Women Employed in the Production of Gas Masks (1940)

Propaganda Poster for the Four-Year Plan (1938)

Medical Examination of Polish Farm Hands Recruited as Foreign Workers for the Reich (April/May 1940)

Women from the Soviet Union are Transported to Germany to Perform Forced Labor (1942)

Poster Warning against “Coal Theft” (1943)

“Aryan” Germans at an Auction of Deported Jews’ Possessions (1942)

Female Prisoners Doing Forced Labor in a Gravel Pit at Auschwitz (1942)

Polish Youths Forced to do Heavy Labor in Luckenwalde (Summer 1940)

Dachau Prisoners Working as Forced Laborers (1943)

Russian Forced Laborers Suffering from Smoke Inhalation after their Liberation from Osnabrück (April 1945)

Soviet and American Officers Meet (1945)

Line of Demarcation between Soviet and Anglo-American Troops (1945)

The Yalta (Crimea) Conference (February 1, 1945)

Directing Traffic in Postwar Berlin (1945)

Preparing for a Victory Parade (c. June 1945)

“Regarding the Defeat of Germany” – The Allied Commanders-in-Chief in Berlin (June 5, 1945)

Sign Demarcating the Zonal Borders in Destroyed Berlin (1945)

Potsdam Conference (July 17-August 2, 1945)

Sweets from American Soldiers (1945)

German Lessons for the American Military Police (1947)

New Use of the Former Reich Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg: The General German Automobile Club (ADAC) Hosts an Event on Zeppelin Field (1955)