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Hitler’s Confidential Memo on Autarky (August 1936)

Stenographic Report for a Portion of the Interministerial Meeting at the Reich Aviation Ministry (November 12, 1938)

Minutes of a Meeting of an Iron-Making Industry Working Group and Hermann Göring on Increasing Production (March 17, 1937)

Propaganda Poster for the Four-Year Plan (1938)

Fritz Sauckel’s Labor Mobilization Program (April 20, 1942)

Hans Kehrl Describes the Inefficient Management of the German Economy in the Fall of 1940 (Retrospective Account, 1973)

SD Report about Consumer Goods Shortages (March 18, 1940)

Employment of Women in Armament Factories (May 7, 1940)

Martin Bormann’s Circular of May 5, 1943, with a Memorandum on the Treatment of Foreign Laborers (April 15, 1943)

Poster Warning against “Coal Theft” (1943)

Reich Ministry of Labor Policy on the Rejection of Labor Conscription for Married Women (September 7, 1939)

Protocol of a Meeting during which Hitler, Bormann, and Others Rejected Equal Pay for Women (April 25, 1944)

Plan for the Public Campaign „Women Help Achieve Victory“ (March 19, 1941)

Armaments Minister Albert Speer at a Meeting on Armaments Questions (1943)

Forced Laborers by National Origin (1944)

Department Store Christmas Catalog Advertisement (1935)

Appeal by the Reich Leader of the German Labor Front, published in the Völkischer Beobachter (November 20, 1939)

View of a Factory Workshop for the Production of Artillery Shells (November 13, 1940)