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The Wall in Our Heads (1982)

The Reparations Settlement and Germany’s Peacetime Economy: Statement by the U.S. State Department (Press Release of December 12, 1945)

Agreement between the Governments of the United Kingdom and the United States on the Economic Fusion of their Respective Zones (December 2, 1946)

Speech by General Lucius D. Clay at the First Meeting of the Minister Presidents in Stuttgart (October 17, 1945)

U.S. Military Governor Joseph McNarney’s Statement to the Allied Control Council (July 20, 1946)

Black-Market Activity in Berlin (1945)

The “People’s Car” on New Paths (January 29, 1948)

Revised Plan for Level of Industry in the Anglo-American Zones (August 29, 1947)

The Western Allies on the Desired Level of Industry in their Zones of Occupation (August 28, 1947)

Conference of Military Governors and State Leaders of the “Bizone” in Frankfurt am Main (January 7-8, 1948)

The Destroyed and Demolished Krupp Works in Essen (1947)

Reconstruction of a Building near the Frauenkirche in Munich (1947/48)

U.S. Delegation Minutes of the Meeting between the Western Military Governors and the German Minister Presidents regarding the German Reply to the London Documents (July 26, 1948)

The “Koblenz Decisions” of the West German Minister Presidents (July 10, 1948)

Authorization for Convocation of a Constituent Assembly in the Trizone (July 1, 1948)

Proclamation by the Central Committee of the German Communist Party (June 11, 1945)

Principles and Aims of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (April 21, 1946)

Proclamation by the Liberal Democratic Party of Germany (LDPD) (July 5, 1945)

Anton Ackermann, the “German Path to Socialism” (February 1946)

Appeal by the Preparatory Trade Union Committee for Greater Berlin (June 15, 1945)

Political Principles of the Social Democratic Party (May 1946)

The Ahlen Program of the CDU (February 1947)

KPD Banner on Ruined Theater Buildings in Hamburg (November 1946)

Decisions of the Conference of the Foreign Ministers of the Three Western Powers in Washington, DC (April 8, 1949)

Appeal to the German People by the Christian Democratic Union (June 26, 1945)