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Erich Honecker on the “Unity of Economic and Social Policy” (June 15–19, 1971)

Social Policy and Economic Planning (April 28, 1972)

Hanns Martin Schleyer and Walter Arendt (1971)

Prefabricated Concrete Buildings (1974)

Conclusion of the XI. SED Party Congress in the Palace of the Republic in East Berlin (April 21, 1986)

Billion Mark Loans and Humanitarian Concessions (July 25, 1984)

Principles of the “Social Market Economy” (December 19, 1962)

Walter Ulbricht on the “New Economic System” of the GDR (December 16, 1965)

Economics Minister Karl Schiller on “Concerted Action” (January 9, 1967)

The West German Law to Promote Economic Stability and Growth (June 8, 1967)

The Federal Government’s Counter-Cyclical Spending Program (December 20, 1974)

The West German “Ban on Driving Motor Vehicles” (November 20, 1973)

A West German Journalist Ponders the Implications of the Oil Shock (November 15, 1973)

“Model Germany” (1976)

West German Steel Crisis (1983)

Chancellor Helmut Kohl Celebrates the Success of the Social Market Economy (October 25, 1989)

GDR Economics Minister Günter Mittag Explains the Failure of the Planned Economy (1991)

Erich Honecker Reviews His Successes (April 17–21, 1986)

Market Instead of Regulation (December 16, 1988)

Economic and Social Policy at the Local Level (1986)

International Socialist Division of Labor (June 7, 1962)

A New Chapter in Economic Policy (March 21, 1962)

Ludwig Erhard with Cigar, Official Portrait (1963)

Chancellor Ludwig Erhard and Rainer Barzel (1964)

A Sociological Analysis of the Spread of Affluence (1974)