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Official Peace Policy of the GDR (June 28, 1965)

Soldiers from the U.S. Army’s 2nd Armored Division of Fort Hood, Texas (Late October 1963)

The Bielefeld Appeal (December 1980)

The Berlin Appeal: “Make Peace without Weapons” (January 25, 1982)

The Communist Justification for the Division of Berlin (August 14, 1961)

GDR Council of Ministers’ Decision to Seal the Border (August 12, 1961)

Walter Ulbricht’s Speech on the Berlin Question (June 15, 1961)

Building the Wall: Residents Watch the Construction from the Western Side of Bernauer Strasse (August 1961)

The West German Government’s Condemnation of the Wall (August 18, 1961)

The Day of Denial (1961)

The Soviet Government’s Explanation of its Berlin Policy (December 24, 1962)

The June 17th Holiday (June 11, 1963)

U.S. Government Declaration of Solidarity with West Berlin (June 26, 1963)

The Breakup of the All-German Olympic Team (October 11, 1968)

The American Demand to Tear Down the Wall (June 12, 1987)

The American Demand to Tear Down the Wall (June 12, 1987)

The End of Postwar History? (October 18, 1963)

Announcement of the Impending Establishment of the German Democratic Republic (October 7, 1949)

Stalin’s Message of Peace (February 18, 1951)

Article on the Debate over German Rearmament (September 14, 1950)

Article by a Student on German Rearmament (November 16, 1950)

Two Continents Stand Up (April 17, 1955)

Status Report from Bandung (April 22, 1955)

The Voice of Asia and Africa (April 19, 1955)

The Hallstein Doctrine (June 28, 1956)