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Study as a Socialist, Live as a Socialist! Seminar Room at Humboldt University, East Berlin (1961)

Ten Commandments for the New Socialist Person (1963)

Wedding Party and Slogan: “For Peace and Socialism” (c. 1980)

Peace Doves (September 1987)

The GDR Celebrates “Karl Marx Year” (1983)

Honecker and Gorbachev Watch the Parade in Honor of the 40th Anniversary of the GDR (October 7, 1989)

Jugendweihe in East Berlin (1979)

NSDAP Mass Rally at the Sportpalast in Berlin (August 15, 1935)

“Reich Party Congress of Freedom” (September 1, 1935)

“Traitor” (1944)

Film Poster for The Gods of the Stadium (1938)

“Behind the Enemy Powers: the Jew” (1941)

“He is to Blame for the War!” (1943/44)

Propaganda Poster by the Mother and Child Relief Agency (1935)

Infant Care Course at the School for Stay-at-Home Mothers in Oberbach/Röhn (1937)

Joseph Goebbels Gives a Present to a Child during a Winter Relief Fund Event (December 1, 1936)

Magda Goebbels at Home with her Children (1938)

“The Cross of Honor for the German Mother”: Three-Tiered Medal for Mothers with Four or More Children (1938)

Hermann Göring at his Desk (June 1939)

Election Propaganda on the Church Steps – the Church Elections in Berlin (July 1933)

“The Jesuit – The Obscurantist without a Homeland.” Propaganda Pamphlet by Hubert Hermanns (1933)

Der Stürmer: The Devil Feeds Anti-NS Slogans to a Catholic Priest (May 1938)

The Victory of Faith [Der Sieg des Glaubens], Film Poster (1933)

Mass Production of Hitler Busts (1937)

First “Great German Art Exhibition”: “Works that are Setting the Direction of German Art” (July 18, 1937)