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“Model Germany” (1976)

Women of the SPD (1985)

SPD Poster for Bundestag Elections: Hans-Jochen Vogel (1983)

SPD Poster for Bundestag Elections: “Make Treaties, not Arms” (1983)

Helmut Schmidt in his Office in the New Federal Chancellery (July 7, 1976)

Germany’s First Grand Coalition Government (1966)

Clara Zetkin, The Women Worker’s and Women’s Question of our Times (1889)

Socialists on Trial for Treason (1872)

Ernst Henseler, Tavern Scene (1877)

Robert Koehler, The Socialist (1885)

“Reichstag Dissolution” (July 7, 1878)

A Comrade’s “Safe-Conduct” Papers (February 14, 1885)

Confiscated Issue of Der Sozialdemokrat Addressed to August Bebel (March 1880)

Otto Wels, SPD Chairman and Reichstag Deputy (1924)

Ludwig Knaus, The Malcontent (1877)

Postcard Commemorating the Social Democratic Gotha Party Congress (1875)

Social Democratic Workers’ Party Congress in Dresden (August 12–15, 1871)

Social Democratic Leader Wilhelm Liebknecht (c. 1895)

“We Don’t Give a Hoot about the Law!” A Social Democratic Pipe (1878)

August Bebel and Friedrich Wilhelm Fritzsche during the Socialist Debates (September 16 and 17, 1878)

Berlin Police President Guido von Madai and the Social Democratic Movement (1870s and 1880s)

Social Democratic Leader August Bebel (1882)

Socialist “Conspirators” (1879)

Election Appeal on Behalf of Wilhelm Liebknecht (August 30, 1888)

“1,341,587 Social Democratic Voters” (March 8, 1890)