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Willy Brandt at a Window in Erfurt (March 19, 1970)

GDR Citizens Wave to Willy Brandt (March 19, 1970)

Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph in Erfurt (March 19, 1970)

Demonstration at the Second Meeting between Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph (May 21, 1970)

Willy Brandt Bids Farewell to Willi Stoph and Otto Winzer (May 21, 1970)

The GDR and the Federal Republic Join the United Nations (September 18, 1973)

Egon Bahr and Michael Kohl (December 20, 1971)

Initialing the Basic Treaty (November 8, 1972)

Helmut Schmidt and Erich Honecker at Schloss Hubertusstock on Lake Werbellin (December 11–13, 1981)

Güstrow during Helmut Schmidt’s Visit (December 13, 1981)

German Protestant Church Congress in West Berlin (June 8–12, 1977)

Permanent Representative of the Federal Republic in the GDR (1982)

Erich Honecker Welcomes Helmut Schmidt at the Airport (December 11, 1981)

Günter Mittag and Franz Josef Strauß in Bonn (April 6, 1984)

Ernst Breit and Harry Tisch in Düsseldorf (1985)

Meeting of the Transportation Ministers of the GDR and the Federal Republic in Bonn (July 9, 1984)

Erich Honecker and Richard von Weizsäcker in the Park of the Villa Hammerschmidt (September 7, 1987)

A Green Party Delegation in the GDR (September 1986)

State Visit by Erich Honecker (September 7–11, 1987)

PEN Meeting (1964)

Refugee Movement (1950–1963)