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Frankfurt Students Protest Exorbitant Rents (December 1988)

Blockade of the Springer Publishing House in Hamburg (1968)

Rudi Dutschke at the International Vietnam Congress (February 17, 1968)

Police Protecting the Construction Site of a Nuclear Power Plant (1977)

House Occupied by Squatters (1980)

The Federal Border Guard and Police Tear Down the “Free Republic of Wendland” (June 4, 1980)

“Set up Abortion Clinics Here” (July 1, 1975)

“Homolulu – Dance on the Volcano” in Frankfurt am Main (1979)

Heinrich Böll at the Peace Demonstration in Bonn (October 10, 1981)

Solidarity Meeting (July 22, 1982)

American Troops in Hutzdorf (1985)

Swords to Ploughshares: Peace Prayers at the Leipzig Nikolai Church (1989/2008)

Tree-Planting Initiative at the Samaritan Church in East Berlin (1985)

“Women for Peace,” East Berlin (July 3, 1983)

The Church from Below (1987)

Bicycle Demo, East Berlin (July 4, 1982)

Poster Protesting the Invasion of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic by Warsaw Pact Troops (August 21, 1968)