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Handing over the Keys at the Charité Clinic in East Berlin (1982)

The “Silver Lake” (1990)

Excerpts from a Clinical Report and Autopsy by Professor Traube on a Patient with Lung Disease Caused by Coal Dust (1860)

Spa Concert in Vienna (1847)

Child Vaccination in the Countryside (1866)

Baron Hugo von Habermann, A Delicate Child (1886)

Magdalene Gutenberg, Speech at a Gynecologists’ Conference on the Termination of a Pregnancy after a Crime of Violence (October 5–6, 1946)

Circular from the Ministry for Labor and Health Care on the Termination of Pregnancy (October 2, 1950)

The Psychological and Physical Condition of Prisoners of War Returning from the East (undated report)

Delivery at the Rural Ambulatory Clinic in Bad Bibra (September 1960)

From a Lecture by Oberstudiendirektor Kurt Hahn at a Sex Education Workshop for Young People at Jugendburg Bilstein/Sauerland (September 14, 1950)

“Getting Thin” (1950)

“Blessed New Year”: Cover Page of Simplicissimus (January 4, 1958)

Ulla Schmidt, Federal Minister for Health and Social Affairs, Discusses Health Reform with Demonstrators (February 19, 2004)

Pharmacists Protest against Healthcare Reform (November 8, 2006)

Senior Citizens Stay Fit (November 27, 2002)

Caregivers for the Elderly (August 25, 2014)

“Medical Advice on the Bodily and Mental Health of Children” (1794)

The Barber-Surgeon (1698)

Rounds in the Sick Ward (c. 1680)