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OMGUS Survey of German Reactions to Expellees and DPs (December 3, 1947)

Refugees in Transit in Ulm (September 1945)

Residents of the Kabel Neighborhood of Hagen to the State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia: Request for the Vacation of Residences Confiscated for Displaced Persons (January 2, 1947)

Marion Gräfin Dönhoff, “People on the Train” (September 18, 1947)

Jewish Displaced Persons Leave Munich on Trains Bound for France (1948)

“Displaced Persons” (DPs) Take Part in a Flag Ceremony (1945)

A DP Camp in Wetzlar (June 1945)

The First Refugees Arrive at the Zeilsheim Camp (1945)

The City Director of Haltern on the Housing of Displaced Persons (December 16, 1946)

Camp for “Displaced Persons” from the Soviet Union (1945-46)

Report by the Central Administration for German Resettlers in the Soviet Occupation Area (December 23, 1945)

Annual Report of the Work of the Office for Resettlers within the Provincial Administration of Brandenburg (End of 1946)

Expellees in the Federal States of West Germany (1950 and 1961)

Family of Expellees at Camp Benthe near Hannover (1950)

A Family of Expellees from the Sudetenland in Southern Germany (1948)

“Resettlers” from the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in the GDR (January 1957)

Federal Minister for All-German Affairs Jakob Kaiser at the Second Federal Meeting of Silesians in Munich (September 16, 1951)

Forced Laborers in Wartime Germany (1939–45)

The Expulsion of the Jews from Prague by Maria Theresa (1744)