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Military Instruction and the Protestant Churches (June 14, 1978)

The Example of Angela Davis (June 3–4, 1972)

Serving Peace (July 1, 1969)

The Christian Peace Movement in the GDR (1983)

Robert Havemann’s “Ten Theses” on the Thirtieth Anniversary of the GDR (September 1, 1979)

The Church from Below (1987)

The Liberals: Heppenheim Program of the Southwest German Liberals (October 10, 1847)

The Democrats: Gustav von Struve, Motion in the German Pre-Parliament (March 31, 1848)

The Socialists: Ferdinand Lassalle, Excerpt from “Open Letter” (1863)

Protests during the Church Congress in Leipzig (July 9, 1989)

Mass Demonstration in East Berlin (November 4, 1989)

Mass Rally on Alexanderplatz in East Berlin (November 4, 1989)

View of the Stormed Headquarters of the Office for National Security (formerly of the Ministry for State Security) in the East Berlin Neighborhood of Lichtenberg (January 15, 1990)

Querdenker Movement Protest against the Government’s Public Health Measures (April 21, 2021)

Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Addresses to the German Nation (1807/08)