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The Currency Problems of East German Vacationers (August 30, 1980)

OMGUS Survey: How do the Germans View the Lastenausgleich? (November 1948)

The Tägliche Rundschau on the Equalization of Burdens (February 15, 1947)

The New Left (June 2005)

“Sell Out” of the East – West German Antiques Dealer in Bad Kösen (March 1990)

Demonstration against Job Cuts in Premnitz (December 10, 1990)

Employment Office in Berlin-Marzahn (June 6, 1996)

Vacant Apartment Buildings in Wittenberge (February 15, 2001)

“Moneyless Department Store” in Halle (April 27, 1999)

OECD Study Shows Continuing Inequality in Germany’s Education System (2017)

Weariness with Politics (October 2, 2006)

Unemployment and the East-West Divide (2017)

An East German Journalist Criticizes the Lack of German Unity (August 25, 2005)

Are Women the Losers of Unification? (October 1999)

Living Conditions in the New Federal States (January 1997)

Poverty and Wealth (April 21, 2005)

PDS Slogans against Hartz IV Reforms in Jena (August 9, 2004)

“Monday Demonstration” against Hartz IV Reforms in Rostock (August 9, 2004)

Language as Key to Educational Success (March 6, 2003)

Disadvantages of Migrant Children in the German Education System (2008)

How Social Background Determines Educational Opportunities (2013)