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Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume 1 (1925)

Appeal by the Reich Government to the German People (February 1, 1933)

Georg von Schnitzler on Hitler’s Appeal to Leading German Industrialists on February 20, 1933 (November 10, 1945)

Cabinet Discussion on Budget Priorities (February 8, 1933)

Hitler Becomes Chancellor (February 2, 1933)

Reich President Paul von Hindenburg Receives Newly Appointed Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler (January 30, 1933)

Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler with his Cabinet (January 30, 1933)

Rudolf Diels, Head of the Prussian Political Police, on the Reichstag Fire of February 27, 1933 (Retrospective Account, 1949)

Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State (“Reichstag Fire Decree”) (February 28, 1933)

Hitler and Hindenburg on the “The Day of Potsdam” (March 21, 1933)

Hitler Youth on the Occasion of the Referendum for Adolf Hitler (August 19, 1934)

Extension of the “Enabling Act”: Hitler at the Lectern of the Kroll Opera in Berlin (January 30, 1937)

Display Window with Busts of Hitler: Souvenirs from the “Reich Party Congress of Freedom” (Fall 1935)

Busts of Hitler (right) and Göring (left) in the Main Hall of the Secret State Police Office (1935)

Hitler’s Bodyguard Regiment [SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler] during a Six-Day Deployment (1936)

First Expression of Antisemitism: Hitler’s Letter to Adolf Gemlich (September 16, 1919)

Himmler’s Commentary on Page 33 (Volume 2) of Mein Kampf: “The Possibility of De-miscegenation Exists” (1927)

Signed Letter by Hitler Authorizing Euthanasia Killings (Backdated to September 1, 1939)

Hindenburg and Hitler to the Farmers’ Rescue: National Socialist Election Poster for the Reichstag Election (March 5, 1933)

Hitler’s Speech at the Opening of the German International Automobile Exhibition (1934)

Hitler’s Confidential Memo on Autarky (August 1936)

Göring and Hitler on the Obersalzberg (October 1, 1936)

Hitler’s Speech to the National Socialist Women’s League (September 8, 1934)

Protocol of a Meeting during which Hitler, Bormann, and Others Rejected Equal Pay for Women (April 25, 1944)

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Excerpts about Culture (1925–26)