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Decree on “Extraordinary Radio Measures” (September 1939)

Goebbels Announcing the Boycott of Jewish Retailers (April 1, 1933)

Joseph Goebbels Gives a Present to a Child during a Winter Relief Fund Event (December 1, 1936)

Magda Goebbels at Home with her Children (1938)

Correspondence between Wilhelm Furtwängler and Joseph Goebbels about Art and the State (April 1933)

The Book Burning: Report by Louis P. Lochner, Head of the Berlin Bureau of the Associated Press (May 10, 1933)

Extracts from the Manual of the Reich Chamber of Culture (1937)

The Fundamentals of German Radio Programming (August 1938)

Goebbels’ Call for Retribution (June 5, 1943)

Goebbels’s Speech at the Sportpalast in Berlin (February 18, 1943)

International Film Congress in Berlin (1935)

Radio Everywhere! (Advertisement, 1935)

“Total War”: Excerpt from Goebbels’s Speech at the Sportpalast in Berlin (February 18, 1943)

Joseph Goebbels, Ten Principles for the Creation of German Music (May 28, 1938)

Hitler and his Entourage view the Second “Great German Art Exhibition” (July 10, 1938)

Joseph Goebbels: Two Speeches on the Tasks of the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (March 15 and 25, 1933)

Joseph Goebbels on the Concept of Propaganda (1936)

Joseph Goebbels at his Desk (March 1, 1933)

Berlin Gauleiter Joseph Goebbels Greets Adolf Hitler at a Campaign Event in Berlin (January 20, 1933)

Goebbels’s New Propaganda Guidelines (June 22, 1941)

Joseph Goebbels Speaks to the Editors-in-Chief of the German Press (1940)