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Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Outlines His Program for Combating the Second Energy Crisis (July 2, 1979)

Unemployment Rates among Different Population Groups (1983)

Chancellor Helmut Kohl Celebrates the Success of the Social Market Economy (October 25, 1989)

GDR Economics Minister Günter Mittag Explains the Failure of the Planned Economy (1991)

GDR Environmental Law (May 14, 1970)

Social Democratic Reflections on “Economic Growth or Quality of Life?” (April 11, 1972)

The Club of Rome on “The Limits to Growth” (1972)

The Anti-Nuclear “Free Republic of Wendland” (May 30, 1980)

Civic Movements between Peaceful Protest and Outbreaks of Violence (August 5, 1977)

Origins, Motives, and Structures of Citizens’ Initiatives (October 27, 1973)

Environmentalists Protest the Construction of a Nuclear Power Plant in Wyhl (1975)

Constitutional Implications of the Campaign against Nuclear Power (November 3, 1976)

The Young Socialists Criticize the SPD’s Lack of Strategy Regarding the Environmental Movement (1979)

The Media Warns of “Forest Dieback and Acid Rain” (1983)

The Green Party Platform at the Federal Level (1981)

Squatters Occupy a Berlin Apartment Building (1981)

Interview with an East German Environmental Initiative in Schwerin (1980)

Comments on the Rapid Increase in Nuclear Fears (1981)

Joschka Fischer becomes the First Green Minister of the Environment (November 4, 1985)

Bitter News from Bitterfeld (Retrospective Account, 1995)

Poem about the Chernobyl Catastrophe (May 23, 1986)

The Struggle for Equal Rights (October 7, 1968)

Family, Child-Rearing, and the Role of Women (December 3, 1961)

The Family in the Context of Women’s Equality (December 20, 1965)

Feminism Meets Resistance (1975)