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Daniel Schenkel, Excerpts from The German Protestant Association (1868)

Jakob Marx on the Exhibition of the Holy Robe in Trier (1844)

Romanticism: Friedrich Schlegel, Excerpts from Selected Works (1798–1804)

Preface to the Second Edition of the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (1819)

Correspondence between Jacob Grimm and Jernej Kopitar (1823–24)

Classicism: Excerpts from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Conversations with Johann Peter Eckermann (1824–28)

Ludolf Wienbarg, Aesthetic Campaigns. Dedicated to Young Germany (1834)

Heinrich Heine: Excerpts from The Romantic School (1836)

George Gottfried Gervinus, Excerpts from the Introduction to The History of the Poetical National Literature of the Germans (1840)

Classical and Romantic Cultural Styles: Prince Clemens von Metternich and King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia (June 1840)

Ernst Dronke on Popular Theater, Bourgeois Theater, and Court Theater in Berlin (1846)

Berthold Auerbach on his Approach to Village Tales from the Black Forest (1844)

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Excerpts from Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences in Outline (1817)

Gustav Freytag, Excerpt from a Review of Recent German Novels (1853)

Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl on Rural Fiction and Real Peasants (1851)

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Excerpts from Lectures on the Philosophy of History (1837)

Friedrich August Ludwig von der Marwitz, “On the Causes of Crime Getting out of Hand” (1836)

Friedrich Diesterweg, “An Educator’s Little Book of Crabs” (1856)

Alexander von Humboldt, Excerpts from Cosmos (1845-58)

Hermann von Helmholtz, Excerpts from a Speech Given on the Occasion of his Appointment as Pro-Rector at the University of Heidelberg (1862)

Leopold von Ranke, Excerpts from Selected Works (1824–1881)

Ludwig Börne, Letters from Paris (1833)

Friedrich Herrmann, On Pirates in the Mediterranean and Their Eradication (1815)

Alexander von Humboldt, Excerpts from Letters from his Voyage to Siberia, In the Ural and Altai Mountains (1829)

Adelbert von Chamisso, A Voyage of Discovery, into the South Sea and Beering’s Straits (1821)