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Permanent Representative of the Federal Republic in the GDR (1982)

Erich Honecker Welcomes Helmut Schmidt at the Airport (December 11, 1981)

Willy Brandt with His Successor, Helmut Schmidt (May 16, 1974)

Construction of the Oil Refinery in Schwedt (1962)

Producing Irons in Sörnewitz (1964)

Leipzig Spring Trade Fair (1965)

Decommissioned Coal Mine (1967)

Robotron Computer (1970)

U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Chancellor Helmut Schmidt at the G7 Conference in London (May 7–8, 1977)

Der Spiegel: Four Covers about the Oil Crisis (November 1973)

Automobile-Free Sunday (December 1973)

Demonstration by the Confederation of German Trade Unions (April 1, 1975)

“Model Germany” (1976)

“State Initiative for Future-Oriented Technologies” (1984)

Oil from the North Sea (1982)

Solar Energy Plant on the North Sea Island of Pellworm (1983)

The European Council in Bremen (July 6–7, 1978)

Solar Automobile (1982)

Small-Scale Wind Turbines by MBB (1986)

The West German Steel Crisis of the 1980s (c. 2002)

Water Pollution in North Rhine-Westphalia (1958)

The Federal Border Guard and Police Tear Down the “Free Republic of Wendland” (June 4, 1980)

Police Protecting the Construction Site of a Nuclear Power Plant (1977)

Citizens’ Initiative for Environmental Protection (1980)

House Occupied by Squatters (1980)