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“Displaced Persons” (DPs) Take Part in a Flag Ceremony (1945)

The First Refugees Arrive at the Zeilsheim Camp (1945)

Camp for “Displaced Persons” from the Soviet Union (1945-46)

Employment of Prisoners at the Oranienburg “Protective Custody Camp” near Berlin (April 1, 1933)

Prisoners Doing Leveling Work at the Dachau Concentration Camp (May 24, 1933)

Oswald Pohl’s Report to Heinrich Himmler on the Expansion of the Concentration Camps (April 30, 1942)

Heinrich Himmler, Frank Ziereis, and Ernst Kaltenbrunner at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp (April 27, 1941)

Fritz Sauckel’s Labor Mobilization Program (April 20, 1942)

Medical Examination of Polish Farm Hands Recruited as Foreign Workers for the Reich (April/May 1940)

Polish Youths Forced to do Heavy Labor in Luckenwalde (Summer 1940)

Martin Bormann’s Circular of May 5, 1943, with a Memorandum on the Treatment of Foreign Laborers (April 15, 1943)

Forced Laborers in Wartime Germany (1939–45)

Women from the Soviet Union are Transported to Germany to Perform Forced Labor (1942)

Dachau Prisoners Working as Forced Laborers (1943)

Russian Forced Laborers Suffering from Smoke Inhalation after their Liberation from Osnabrück (April 1945)

Female Prisoners Doing Forced Labor in a Gravel Pit at Auschwitz (1942)

Reich Ministry of Labor Policy on the Rejection of Labor Conscription for Married Women (September 7, 1939)

Soldiers in Front of a Section of the “Atlantic Wall” in Northern France (1943)

Forced Laborers by National Origin (1944)

View of a Factory Workshop for the Production of Artillery Shells (November 13, 1940)

Roma and Sinti Women Weave Reed Mats in the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp (1941)

Women Protest against the Deportation of their Jewish Husbands (March 1943)

American Aerial Photo of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp Complex (Women’s Camp on the Left) (August 25, 1944)