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Friedrich August Ludwig von der Marwitz, “On the Causes of Crime Getting out of Hand” (1836)

Two Boys with Pilfered Cabbages (1947)

The Situation of Young People in Aachen (1947)

The City Director of Haltern on the Housing of Displaced Persons (December 16, 1946)

Following Several Kidnappings, Minister Jakob Kaiser Demands Stricter Border Security (July 16, 1952)

Bavarian Edict on the Establishment of a Gendarmerie (October 11, 1812)

Arson Attack on Turkish Families in Mölln (November 24, 1992)

Politically Motivated Crime (2001-2020)

White Paper on Security Policy (June 2016)

Paul Nicolaus Einert, Jewish Gang Leader Discovered (1737)

Wanted Letter for a Murderer (1725)

Oath of Truce Form for Cases of Banishment (ca. 1780)

A Clergyman and Other Prisoners in Jail (1779)

Report on Gangs of Robbers in the Rhineland (1804)

Nickel List and Lips Tullian (Early 18th century)

The Robber Schinderhannes (Johann Bückler) during his Trial in Mainz (1803)

Portrait of Schinderhannes (left); his Execution (right) (1803)

Crime and Execution of a Child Murderess (18th century)

Three-time Murderer and Arsonist Lorentz Scheerschmidt in Neck, Hand, and Foot Irons (18th century)