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“The New Prussian Coat of Arms” (August 30, 1871)

“His Holiness, Wilhelm the Butcher” (1870)

Southern Germany and the North German Confederation (April 11, 1868)

“Something is Rotten in the State, etc.” (October 4, 1868)

“The South Seas are the Mediterranean of the Future” (July 13, 1884)

“The Socialist Jack-in-the-Box” (September 28, 1878)

“Chancellor’s Love” (1882)

“At the Helm” (June 15, 1879)

Caricature: “Politicking Coachmen” (1884)

“Our State Ministry in Uniform (With One Exception)” (March 28, 1889)

Reconstruction Aid for Europe: The Marshall Plan (1948)

“Black Becomes White, or Automatic Denazification” (1946)

“Blessed New Year”: Cover Page of Simplicissimus (January 4, 1958)

“The Party’s Condolences”: Spiegel Cover (November 14, 1956)

Big Chancellor, Little Chancellor: Caricature of Hitler and Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuß Shortly before the Latter’s Assassination (Summer 1934)

Caricature of the Politicians of the ‘68 Generation (February 10, 2003)

Spiegel Cover: “One Year of the Grand Coalition” (October 30, 2006)

Angela Merkel Elected for a Fourth Term (September 24, 2017)

Caricature: State Treaty between the FRG and the GDR (1990)

Dropping the Pilots, New Zealand Herald (October 4, 1990)

The Situation of the Kingdom of Poland in the Year 1773 (1773)

Nathan Hirschl, Head of the Jewish Community in Prague, Stereotypical Anti-Semitic Depiction (c. 1714)

The End of the Napoleonic Drama (1814)